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Marie Manandise


Me sat down with a coffee at a table (at the British Museum if you want to know)
What I looked like two kids ago

I am currently managing the Front-End team at Studio 24. This involves people management and the maintenance of our Front-End standards and best practices.

As a senior Web Developer, my role requires both technical and business skills (a combination I enjoy very much!)

I act as 'Tech lead' on some projects, ensuring the smooth running of their technical aspects.

At other times, I am responsible for devising and running 'Discovery phases'. These consist in identifying user needs, business requirements, and technical constraints for clients who are investing in a digital asset. And then working out the most suitable solution. (Some call it Business Analysis.)

I started off a front-end developer (HTML, CSS, "cosmetic" JavaScript) in the context of PHP-based CMSes (WordPress and Drupal, mainly).

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies: working in the context of a headless CMS architecture, coding a Progressive Web App, acting as a consultant/business analyst in the context of large projects.

Things that got me here

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