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Marie Manandise

Hello world!

Hi, I'm Marie; a Web Developer and mother of two. In other words, a seasoned problem solver.

I currently work as a Senior Web Developer at Studio 24, Cambridge, U.K.

How did I get there? My two cents on things

Right now, what am I doing?

Studio 24 is re-designing the website of the World Wide Web Consortium (no less!). We are working in the open and you can follow the project at

My job is to lead the selection of their content management system. If you are interested, I would invite you to read our CMS selection report.

Getting in touch

You can email me at

You won't find me on social media (except on LinkedIn). My mind is my living. It took me decades to tame it. I now keep it on a strict information diet. I feed it aplenty when it is relevant. I wouldn't want to overfeed yours either!

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